Full meals are free to students all school year long!
Please visit the All Meals Are Free page for more information.

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Please contact your food service director for all day to day questions, comments & requests
DeeDee Howard
E-mail your Food Service Director

If you have questions about our online nutritional and allergen information, or need assistance for a student with a special diet or severe allergy please contact your Registered Dietitian
Frank Gillespie
603-437-0200 x262
E-Mail your Dietitian

Have ideas or feedback about the food service program you would like to share or learn more about? Please contact your District Manager
Frank Gillespie
603-437-0200 x262
E-mail your District Manager

Are you a farmer or local food producer interested in selling directly to our schools? Please contact our purchasing department
603-437-0200  x2
E-mail our Purchasing Department

Interested in working for us? Please visit our careers page. 
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